With great power comes great versatility. Introducing the Jarvis Wellsaw Model 404.
Upwards of 8,000 strokes per minute.
The Jarvis Wellsaw Model 404 delivers years of seamless operation for production breaking and general purpose use in locker plants. With a 1 horsepower, 115 volt AC single-phase motor capable of cutting at 8,000 strokes per minute. Cast entirely from a lightweight stainless steel body. Welcome to the perfect blend of power and portability.
Your go-to electric reciprocating saw for the toughest jobs cutting through meat and bone.
Everything about the Jarvis Wellsaw 404 is tailor-fit to the operator. Engineered to breeze through a variety of applications ranging from cutting forequarters, shank bones, primal cuts, aitch bones, brisket opening, and splitting. With 4 different blades and Teflon-coated support guide combinations — you'll never need another saw again.
Blade Specifications
180 mm (7.1 in)
Blade Diameter
66 mm (2.6 in)
Cutting Depth
Motor Specifications
1400 Watts (1.9 hp)
Motor Power
230 / 115 V,1 phase, 50 / 60 Hz
Operating Voltage
6.5A @ 230V and 13A @ 115V
Full Load Amps
Handle Specifications
Single / Duel Trigger Electric
Control Handles
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